Open Margins

Open Margins

We have a passion for digital dentistry, and especially CEREC! We discuss various topics and a few opinions on various matters. Let us know what you think!

Open margins with a crown is bad, Open Margins with Digital Enamel is good! :)

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Open Margins


  • Open Margins Happy Face

    Just a blooper video as we were setting up to make some videos.

    Happy face!

  • Open Margins Empress CAD Multi

    Todd and Cindy discuss another polychromatic block in the CEREC arsenal: Ivoclar Vivadent's Empress Multi CAD.

  • Open Margins Real Life Blocks

    Todd and Cindy discuss the Real Life blocks from Vita and show a difficult two central case utilizing it.

  • Hump Day Huddle

    Todd and Cindy talk about DS World 2020, Ivoclar Vivadent product name change, and a preparation Jig

  • Learn From Amalgams

    You can learn a LOT from amalgams! Amalgam restorations rarely follow the "guidelines" for partial coverage indirect restorations! So, maybe we can be more creative when it comes to preparation design??!!! We discuss why we can be even more conservative with our preparation styles based on...

  • Open Margins Variolink Esthetic

    Variolink Esthetic from Ivoclar Vivadent is our resin-of-choice for cosmetic cases. Fantastic esthetics based on value, easy clean up, great try-in pastes, and light or dual cured.

  • Blending a Margin

    Just a few simple things can make a ceramic margin blend so well, it's almost impossible to see. No need to hide your margins with CEREC, emax CAD HT, and Multilink (yellow!)

  • Open Margins Cindy's Story of CEREC

    Cindy was not a fan of CEREC until she saw how it really worked!

  • Staff Infection

    Todd and Cindy discuss one negative dynamic of a dental office: a "staff" infection. There are no right or wrongs, and best practices to alleviate it, but they talk about how the dynamic does not happen at their dental office.

  • Bill Butler Discusses Dentistry with Open Margins

    We had the great honor of having a legend in dentistry, Bill Butler, join us today. He discusses dental education and the importance of implants.

  • Open Margins Sprue Removal System

  • Q Optics Loupes

    Cindy discusses her Q Optics TTL loupes. Pink of course!

  • Open Margins: The Isolite Experience

    The Isolite is one of the best inventions in dentistry! It helps control the working area, keeps things cleaner, and the patient can relax on it!

  • Open Margins CEREC Implant Set Up

    Todd and Cindy review the essentials for setting up your CEREC implant restoration. They show a great way to organize your components and walk through the software setup.

  • Open Margins BluePhase Style LED Curing Light

  • Open Margins: The Story of the Mouth

    Todd and Cindy discuss how to "tell the story of the mouth." Digital dental photography is important to be able to do so!

  • Open Margins Q Optics Loupes Rock

    Todd and Cindy review their favorite dental loupes by Q Optics!

  • Match a Single Central

    We review our favorite technique for matching a single central: a polychromatic TriLuxe Block (Vita) and Variolink Esthetic System bonding (Ivoclar Vivadent.)

  • Diashine Does It! Open Margins

    We use Diashine every day. We had a fun time making this video. Who knew that the goat hair brushes came from Cindy's own goats??!! :)

  • Trust Your BioCopy

    Todd and Cindy discuss the occlusion when the most posterior stop is removed. Trusting the BioCopy data will help with any discrepancies of digital articulation or movement through the maximum intercuspation position.

  • Sirona Speed Fire Is Reviewed by Open Margins

    Sirona has broken the chairside zirconia barrier with the Speed Fire sintering oven! You can now design, mill, and sinter zirconia while the patient waits! Todd and Cindy review the entire system which includes: dry zirconia milling, a brand new sintering oven (Speed Fire,) and the new evacu...

  • CEREC Aces

    CEREC ACES is the latest Digital Enamel class! It is only for dental assistants! No docs allowed! It is a sure way for an assistant to become bolder in their confidence of any CEREC restoration.

  • Adec Monitor Mounts and Open Margins

    The ADEC Monitor Mount is a "must have" in the operatory! Our patients love them, and they make for a better patient experience. They can handle large monitors and may be placed in about any configuration necessary in the room. They are also very stable and do not drift.

  • Staining 2nd Molars: Yes, or No?

    Staining and characterizing molars that will never be seen is controversial. Some like to do it, others see it as a waste of time.