Digital Enamel Courses

  • CEREC Straight Forward Digital Enamel

    This course is what you need for learning the concepts of CEREC to make anything possible. We focus on principles of dentistry and how to utilized CEREC with it, not the other way around. With these principles, we cover restoring implants, multiple posterior units, bridges, and customization. ...

  • Straight Forward Chapter Two

    Continue your journey after CEREC Straight Forward with Chapter 2! We use the same concepts that you've already learned and apply them to anterior restorations.

  • Only Onlays Description

    If you want to learn how to do partial coverage restorations, then come to Only Onlays! This course is all about being conservative. You don't have to own Cerec to come to this class. There will be many clinical situations presented and a lot of hands-on preparations.

  • CEREC Aces

  • CEREC Aces!

    Just for assistants! No docs allowed! :) This hands-on course gets assistants up to speed on Cerec efficiency from imaging, restoration designs, and ceramic staining and glazing.

  • CEREC Straight Forward Description

    You know that you want CEREC to be Straight Forward. Well, we have that very class!

  • CEREC Aces

    CEREC ACES is the latest Digital Enamel class! It is only for dental assistants! No docs allowed! It is a sure way for an assistant to become bolder in their confidence of any CEREC restoration.

  • Digital Enamel 2020 Course Summary

    The Digital Enamel Education Center Schedule for 2020. We discuss CEREC Straight Forward, Straight Forward Chapter 2, CEREC Aces!, and Only Onlays.