Dive deep into the clinical fundamentals and pearls of clinical digital restorative dentistry. Multiple topics are included here from cementation to preparations.

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  • Blending a Margin

    Just a few simple things can make a ceramic margin blend so well, it's almost impossible to see. No need to hide your margins with CEREC, emax CAD HT, and Multilink (yellow!)


  • Getting Started with Anterior CEREC Restorations

    There are a number of ideas and techniques to consider when doing anterior restorations. This is a list of things that will help your journey.

  • Why I Chose CEREC

    Todd discusses his own journey to CEREC. You'll see why he is "aggressively conservative!"

  • The Right Wire Removed for the Prime Scan System

    The Prime Scan system is wireless! Dentsply Sirona took the RIGHT wire away: the power cord! Large data stream needs a cord so it is not hindered by wireless limitations.

  • Veneers with CEREC

    When you combine digital dentistry and fantastic materials, you can expect better outcomes! Using CEREC and Ivoclar-Vivadent products, the process becomes pretty straight forward. There are technical aspects, of course, associated with a case like this, but a seamless workflow makes the accom...

  • Match a Single Central

    We review our favorite technique for matching a single central: a polychromatic TriLuxe Block (Vita) and Variolink Esthetic System bonding (Ivoclar Vivadent.)

  • All Cosmetics Into Four Veneers

    "All on four" cases seem to be the big rage in dentistry! But, cosmetic dentistry can benefit greatly from "all into four!" Just doing four veneers rather than roundhouse of restorations, is not a bad way to go. Patients get a lot out of just the front four typically!

  • Case Presentation of Full Coverage and Large Carious Lesion

    Case presentation for CEREC crown over a tooth with a large carious lesion and root canal.

  • Minimally Prepared Veneers with eMax CAD Opal

    One of the best blocks you can choose for minimally prepared teeth: eMax CAD Opal!

  • CEREC Crown Parameters That Matter

    There are 3 Parameters for crowns made with CEREC that REALLY matter.

  • No BAM BAM BAM with Polishing

    Do you have a bad habit when it comes to polishing? No bam, bam, bam! Todd has a few thoughts on polishing zirconia.