Dive deep into the clinical fundamentals and pearls of clinical digital restorative dentistry. Multiple topics are included here from cementation to preparations.

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  • The CEREC Onlay Procedure

    Todd discusses the entire procedure for an onlay along with the patient interaction during milling. The most important part of all of it is isolation for bonding


  • Design Contact with Missing Data

  • Full Arch Imaging with an Implant

  • A Simple Crown Through CEREC

  • Alternative Preparation Designs V Prep

    You do NOT need to prep for a traditional crown with CEREC! These are various full coverage preparation styles that can be used, and Todd discusses his favorites.

  • CEREC Zirconia Crown Walk Through

    Zirconia is a hot product right now, and Todd walks through the process.

  • Deep Margin with Primescan

    Prime Scan goes deep! You can easily image sub gingival margins! Take a look!

  • Shouldered V Prep Case Presentation

  • Keep CEREC Simple

    Don't forget that the Prime Scan and CEREC are easy for the single units too. Almost too easy! Full arch scans are the focus but the single units are more of what are being done every day.

  • Consider the Draw in the Preparation

    Don't get all the way to try-in and the restoration isn't going down all of the way! It is too easy to get stuck in the software and just be worried about colors, and not worry about how the actual piece is going to slide passively in to place. Todd discusses....

  • High and Dry Margins Case Presentation

  • Diagnostic Cameras Too

    The Primescan and the Omnicam are also excellent still cameras or video cameras. Todd demonstrates how to use this feature and also how to export the pictures or video.

  • Sprue Removal System Digital Enamel

    The Sprue Removal System is perfect for removing hard ceramic sprues, especially eMax CAD from Ivoclar Vivadent. The white portion aggressively removes the sprue while the blue portion polishes it and confirms that it is completely removed.

  • Oh No! Under Reduction

    It happens! But, whatcha going to do about it? See how Todd responds.

  • Deep Subgingival Lesions

    Todd discusses his philosophy regarding soft tissue in a scanned environment. Sometimes doing more to the tissue makes things worse, not better! "If CEREC sees it, CEREC can mill to it!"

  • Blending a Margin

    Just a few simple things can make a ceramic margin blend so well, it's almost impossible to see. No need to hide your margins with CEREC, emax CAD HT, and Multilink (yellow!)

  • Getting Started with Anterior CEREC Restorations

    There are a number of ideas and techniques to consider when doing anterior restorations. This is a list of things that will help your journey.

  • Why I Chose CEREC

    Todd discusses his own journey to CEREC. You'll see why he is "aggressively conservative!"

  • The Right Wire Removed for the Prime Scan System

    The Prime Scan system is wireless! Dentsply Sirona took the RIGHT wire away: the power cord! Large data stream needs a cord so it is not hindered by wireless limitations.

  • Veneers with CEREC

    When you combine digital dentistry and fantastic materials, you can expect better outcomes! Using CEREC and Ivoclar-Vivadent products, the process becomes pretty straight forward. There are technical aspects, of course, associated with a case like this, but a seamless workflow makes the accom...

  • Match a Single Central

    We review our favorite technique for matching a single central: a polychromatic TriLuxe Block (Vita) and Variolink Esthetic System bonding (Ivoclar Vivadent.)

  • All Cosmetics Into Four Veneers

    "All on four" cases seem to be the big rage in dentistry! But, cosmetic dentistry can benefit greatly from "all into four!" Just doing four veneers rather than roundhouse of restorations, is not a bad way to go. Patients get a lot out of just the front four typically!

  • Using Fractured Restorations for Your Occlusal Design

    Using the BioCopy folder, you can see where the occlusal patterns were before the tooth fractured. You can even use the slopes right before the fracture to give you a great idea of where there lateral movements may go.

  • Case Presentation of Full Coverage and Large Carious Lesion

    Case presentation for CEREC crown over a tooth with a large carious lesion and root canal.

  • Minimally Prepared Veneers with eMax CAD Opal

    One of the best blocks you can choose for minimally prepared teeth: eMax CAD Opal!