CEREC Equipment

CEREC Equipment

Let the machines do their work! You can help them, mere mortal, by using them correctly! We have used many scanners and milling units and can show you how to keep them at their "prime!"

CEREC Equipment
  • CEREC Cameras

    In this video Todd discusses the generations of cameras and a little insight on each one. Those powdering systems were pretty good!!


  • Diagnostic Cameras Too

    The Primescan and the Omnicam are also excellent still cameras or video cameras. Todd demonstrates how to use this feature and also how to export the pictures or video.

  • CEREC 5 Basic Training Lab Set Up

  • CEREC 5 Basic Training Prime Mill Introduction

  • CEREC 5 Basic Training Computer Usage

  • Intraoral scanner of CEREC

  • Sirona Speed Fire Is Reviewed by Open Margins

    Sirona has broken the chairside zirconia barrier with the Speed Fire sintering oven! You can now design, mill, and sinter zirconia while the patient waits! Todd and Cindy review the entire system which includes: dry zirconia milling, a brand new sintering oven (Speed Fire,) and the new evacu...

  • How To Change Bur in CEREC

    Changing a bur in a CEREC milling chamber isn't hard, but you need to know what to do! This is a quick tutorial on changing burs and nuances of the procedure.

  • CEREC Speed Fire Guidelines

    CEREC Zirconia and the Speed Fire oven are easy to use. This video goes over their requirements including preparation design, parameters, definitions, and material handling.

  • Calibrate the CEREC Milling Chamber

    Todd reviews how to calibrate the CEREC milling chamber.

  • CEREC Equipment Maintenance

    We walk you through the daily to yearly maintenance for your CEREC system. You want CEREC to take care of you, so take care of it! :)

  • Calibrate Ivoclar CS Oven

    Learn the steps to calibrate your Ivoclar Vivadent CS or CS2 Furnace. Lori Gray from Ivoclar Vivadent joins Cindy in a detailed discussion for the steps for both ovens.

  • Calibrate the Omnicam

    Todd walks you through the Omnicam calibration process. Make sure you find your Omnicam Calibration Sleeve!

  • The Worst Bad Habit of CEREC

    A lot of people have what I consider a "bad habit" with CEREC: using two hands for the track ball. When you use one hand for the track ball, you get more options with the space bar using the other hand.

  • CEREC Prime Mill Fast

    Dentsply Sirona has launched the fastest chair side milling unit to date. Prime Mill

  • CEREC Touch Screen and Keyboard

    Todd reviews the basics of using the CEREC interfaces including finding the keyboard!

  • Omnicam Essentials

    Todd reviews the proper use of CEREC's Omnicam and goes over the software use. This is a great resource for those just into CEREC, those considering it, and dental assistants that want to really up their game. These topics are intertwined into our three signature courses at Digital Enamel: ...

  • CEREC PrimeScan Techniques for Better Models

    Start making better models with the CEREC PrimeScan. Multiple techniques are reviewed and described to make your models accurate and without so much imaging.

  • Four Eyes Are Better Than Two

    Not only do you have help retracting the tongue and cheeks, you have someone that can help you see things that you miss! Plus, the file sizes are reduced with the added efficiency of the scan!

    Team imaging!!