Utilization of the the team members is one of the best thing you can do for your practice, not just with CEREC! However, doctors sometimes have difficulties giving up responsibilities to the team members, OR, they do not know how to instruct the team member properly when they give a lot of responsibilities! We've seen every extreme. These videos are to help the team members become confident in their CEREC journey.

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  • Where Are the IntraOral Camera Pictures?

  • Open Margins Happy Face

    Just a blooper video as we were setting up to make some videos.

    Happy face!

  • Using the Sprue Removal System

    Cindy discusses some ways to use, and NOT use, the Sprue Removal System.

  • Design Contact with Missing Data

  • Every Day CEREC Episode 1 Design for Function

    Cindy discusses the every day process of utilizing Cerec in the office in this series. In this video she reviews the design phase and keeping the patient's function in mind.

  • Every Day CEREC Episode 2 After the Mill

    This is one of those moments in a procedure that are often neglected. Try not to think of the restoration as being finished when it comes out of the milling unit! You can really make it look better with a few adjustments when taking the sprue off!

  • Every Day CEREC Episode 3 Natural Beauty

    Taking just a couple of minutes to enhance the ceramics will give you and your patient a lot of pride in your work. Cindy discusses simple techniques to make the restoration look great while keeping the appointment efficient.

  • Design Like a Pro with Biogeneric Individual

    Cindy discusses how to get through Biogeneric designs quickly. Only a few tools are usually necessary. Plus, she reviews a good formula for you you take into consideration: margins, contacts, occlusion, embrasures, mill it!

  • Sprue Removal System

  • Design Like a Pro with BioCopy

    We all want our appointments to go smoothly, but we really want them to have the proper occlusion! By utilizing a simple methodology, you will see how easy it can be to design a restoration where the bite will be exactly where the patient wants it!

  • Trust Your BioCopy

    Cindy discusses the advantages of using a BioCopy folder even if you are designing with Buccal Bite / Biogeneric calculations.

  • Turbo Crown

    Cindy discusses a few key concepts to make your restoration have DEPTH while completing it quickly.

  • Who Scans the Prep?

    The PrimeScan and Omnicam cameras are sooooo good now, and anyone can use them predictably, but the doctor should scan the preparation for a number of reasons! Cindy discusses.

  • Bubbly Glaze

    Contamination in some form or fashion is the cause for bubbles in the glaze. Cindy reviews the potential areas for you to look for the contamination.

  • Brushes You Get What You Pay For

    Just buy Kolinsky sable brushes! Cindy discusses why these type of brushes are going to give you the best results and last for many years. No animals (that we know of) were harmed in the making of the brushes.

  • Design a Contact Between Two Proposals

    A common issue with two adjacent proposals is how they are contoured. Cindy reviews a simple method with developing the proper contact area and emergence profiles for the two proposals.

  • Omnicam Essentials

    Todd reviews the proper use of CEREC's Omnicam and goes over the software use. This is a great resource for those just into CEREC, those considering it, and dental assistants that want to really up their game. These topics are intertwined into our three signature courses at Digital Enamel: ...

  • Digital Enamel Stain and Glaze

    Dr. Ehrlich walks through the basics of staining and glazing for CEREC. He discusses a "turbo crown," esthetic fissure techniques, and staining an implant hybrid-abutment.

  • Ten Goals for Imaging Success

    These scanners are amazing, but they can also be amazing at scanning things you don't want. These 10 topics will get those scans completed efficiently!

  • How to Discribe the Isolite

    Cindy discusses what to say to the patient for accepting the Isolite.

  • How to Add a Patient in CEREC

    Some things to think about to enter a patient correctly.

  • Maintaining your Milling Unit

    The milling unit is the heart of the system but the computer gets all of the attention. Cindy discusses how to properly take care of your baby. :)

  • Make Up Your Mind Doc! Changing Materials

    Quit changing materials on me! Cindy describes how to deal with this! :)

  • How to Place a Block

    It seems easy enough, but MANY PEOPLE do not do it correctly! We see it in our courses all of the time!